A Tasty Recipe Memoir of Growing up in Southwestern France

From growing in a blue collar family in one of the most dangerous areas in France through having a successful career as head chef in a luxury hotel on the French Riviera, to teaching culinary arts at the University of British Columbia in Canada, my life has been punctuated with stories that even to me sound somewhat incredible. Along the way, I have been inspired by people around me who contributed to shaping who I am now. This first book of my Child to Chef recipe memoir series is about my discovery that food makes people happy and how my grandmother Augusta was instrumental in my decision to become a chef.

With A Gourmand in Training, if I inspire young adults to overcome their own challenges and live their dreams I will consider this book a great achievement.


A portion of each book sale is donated
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As soon as we were in the kitchen though, his passion for food surpasses everything else.

I first met Chef Eric on his culinary travel program to Quebec City, where I saw multi-tasking at his best – Chef was our chauffeur, chef instructor, tour guide, and sometimes even a counselor. As soon as we were in the kitchen though, his passion for food surpasses everything else. The drive for perfection and the attention to every detail was amazing; his vast knowledge on both the history of and the latest trends on food was inspiring and his love of teaching made him one of the best to learn from. I have taken over 30 classes with Chef Eric and it is a pleasure every time watching him zoom around the kitchen working with everyone while keeping an eye on everything else. His recipes would often introduce new ingredients for the foodie tastebuds, and Chef would go out of his way to find the freshest available for us. My favorite all time Chef Eric dish? The simple yet sexy Poached Egg in Red Wine Sauce. It is only an egg! Chef Eric made it heaven.

Agatha Ding