A Gourmand in Training Photos


Momas is a small village in Béarn County, in the Pyrenees Mountain, a few kilometers away from the Spanish border.

Mamie Augusta

“Mamie Augusta was born in 1905 in Aramits, a small Bearnese village, where she spent her childhood and lived through World War I. The thirteenth of fourteen children in the Lamothes family, she was married at twenty to Pierre Arrouzé, a man from the village of Momas, whom she […]

Chateau of Pau

The Château de Pau is a castle in the centre of Pau, the capital of Pyrénées-Atlantiques and Béarn. King Henry IV of France and Navarre was born here on December 13, 1553.

The château is located in the centre of Pau and dominates that quarter of the city. It was […]